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Cologne Police Chief: emergency power generators and special-purpose vehicles

Government Building Construction Office, Cologne: generator construction

Federal Bank, Cologne: emergency power generators and special power generators

WIS (security transports): cars + trucks

Shell Cologne: trucks/crane vehicles/fire trucks

DEA Wesseling: trucks/crane vehicles/fire trucks

Degussa Wesseling: presses/cases/troughs

Kaufhof: presses/cases

Endemol: "Nur die Liebe zählt" Caravan / special-purpose vehicles/equipment

Schneider & Söhne: wholesale paper trade: trucks/trailers/hydraulic ramps

AWL, Leverkusen: trucks/presses /cases

RWE Umwelt AG: trucks/special-purpose vehicles/presses and cases

Buchen: trucks/special-purpose vehicles/presses
and cases

WK Entsorgung, Cologne: special-purpose vehicles and hydraulic systems

Cichon & Stolberg: comprehensive fleet service
(cars + trucks)

Druckfarben Schmidt: trucks/special-purpose vehicles and hydraulic ramps

Kube & Kubenz: trucks/tank trailers/carriages